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Your first line of defense against attacks and round the clock protection for sensitive business data. Is your business exposed?

The next big war will be a digital one. Protect your work.

It seems that not long ago, digital security was a nuisance for tech giants alone. Today, everyone is exposed. All types of businesses and projects can find themselves the target of a cyber-attack, provided the company stores some form of digital records. Let a a senior team hold watch over your IT systems’ integrity and have them take care of any potential threats when intruders come knocking at the door.

Cyber attack simulation

How would your business resist a cyber attack? We uncover those areas with pressing vulnerabilities, by conducting simulations of attacks.

Malware analysis

When you discover suspicious processes, abnormal behavior or corrupted data on your systems, Cyberwall performs checks for potential intruders on your infrastructure.

Device testing

Devices used by your team could one day become possible back-doors for attacks to your network, which is why we help you test all terminals used within the company or remotely.

Preventive protection

We monitor hundreds of metrics in real time and we know the exact state of your systems at any time of the day. What's more, in case of critical infrastructures, we apply artificial intelligence solutions that detect behaviors that diverge from the norm, in real time.

APT & Attack mitigation

Companies that operate in sectors of vital importance are often the target of Advanced Persistent Threats (APT). Over time, these attacks can monitor your network and leak sensitive data. In these cases, we carry out in-depth tests to detect intruders and we help you secure network breaches.

Security Operations Center (SOC)

Call a neutral taskforce to monitor your systems and to quickly intervene whenever suspicions arise. We provide quick answers and on the spot interventions, depending on the scale of the situation you're facing.

Identity Solutions & Access Management

To ensure access to business data occurs within internal set parameters, we implement authentication processes and identity management tools, managing the roles and privileges of employees.

Extensive experience, internationally certified

We secure your projects and business

What types of cyber security activities would bring more performance to your business? Leave us a message about what you have planned and about your digital goals and we come to meet them with a SecOps action plan.

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