Strategy & Security Audit

Strategy & Security Audit

All security upgrade processes start off with an analysis of your organization’s current status quo, in exploring those specific security features that could help your business grow.

A business without security is like a planet with no atmosphere

IT Security is an on-going concern – it cannot be treated as a one-time project. No business security orientation yet? Cyberwall ads SecOps to your business DNA. We evaluate your entire IT systems architecture and we propose a migration plan to a security-centered model. We enhance security company-wide, consolidating every business aspect

Prevention & Protection

IT Security Awareness

Your company's security is just as important as its bottom line. We help you disseminate and prioritize the importance of security issues among key employees. Take advantage of Cyberwall's trainings and certification exams, to better educate your team on topics of in-house security and to groom security owners among your staff.

Security Advisory Services for Management

Major changes within the company - such as those related to security, for example - require a good understanding of the subject and access to all the facts of the matter. Migrating to a SecOps business models (with full security focus) usually commences with a training for C-level teams, in order to discuss and debunk the impact of security changes on operational and turnover.

Security Assessment

In order to fully understand which business areas can benefit from security consolidation, we start off each project with an internal review, mapping the flows of internal systems and identifying vulnerable areas.

Operational Security for your Business

Where cybersecurity is concerned, one-size fits all solutions do not exist. Cyberwall can help with an adapted security model for your business, outlining the directions necessary to endow the firm with the proper protection means. Take advantage of vital security measures, without unnecessarily burdening your current operational model.

Regulatory & Compliance Audits

Work with Cyberwall whenever the need for a security assessment arises. Whether it's at the request of a business partner, your customers or public institutions, review safety with the aid of an experienced, certified partner. We evaluate your company's IT systems and test their resistance, without any interrupting or disrupting your internal teams.

Extensive experience, internationally certified

We secure your projects and business

What type of cybersecurity activities would bring your business more performance? Tell us about your digital goals this year and we'll draft the ideal SecOps plan for your brand.

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