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Cyber Security Solutions

We put resistance in your business DNA

Cyberwall is the provider of integrated cybersecurity solutions, who protects your business against breaches and attacks. Online champions reach performance through prevention – learn how we can help you better perform.

360 degrees of security

When addressing business security, one-off processses, such as installing a firewall or securing a database, won't get you there. As incidence of cyber attacks increases on a global scale, security becomes a company-wide mindset, not just a quick-fix. Cyberwall supports you in transitioning to a model that prioritizes security, making your entire business ecosystem air-tight.

Specialization. Experience. Protection.

Protect your business in the face of attacks and malicious attempts with a mature team, driven by attaining integrity for your company's digital space. Cyberwall has practical experience working with a wide range of projects, be they blitz, small workloads or large enterprise scale projects. We boast an impressive 100% protection rate, both on local markets, as well as on international ones. We take the unpredictable out of your equation, so that your operational can flourish.

Business Security Services

Repairs? I'll take prevention.

Discover our inclusive cyber security solutions. Infrastructure security, production environment protection, compliance with national and community regulations – Cyberwall handles all critical aspects of your business.

Security services that increase performance, not costs

Strategy & Security Audit

We assess the situation of your entire IT architecture and we plan the migration to a “security first” model.


Equip and fully consolidate your working environment with built-in resistance, throughout the entire business ecosystem.

App Security

Each software development project gets equipped with built-in security at Cyberwall, ensuring a stable and reliable output.

Software development

Cyberwall is your product team’s best ally in developing high perfoming and fast mobile applications, web applications and end-to-end software solutions.

Infrastructure & Endpoints

Security isn’t something you can address bit by bit. Let us secure your infrastructure solution, be it in the cloud or on-premise, and never worry about DDoS, DoD or other cyber threats again.

Data Protection (GDPR)

When it comes to your clients ‘ data, there’s no room for errors. Cyberwall implements all processes necessary for GDPR compliance, helping you build trust among users through legislative alignment.


Break-free protection for interruption-free business activity

Digital Security Champions


You can't do security with How-to's and online tutorials. Cyberwall teams boast the practical necessary experience to secure it for you - we've been schooled by addressing real-life information attacks, not mere simulations.


A 30-minute response time may be acceptable in many instances, but when it comes to security every extra minute of delay can have a negative impact on turnover. Our team works 24/7/365, guaranteeing security for each of the year's 525,600 minutes.


Ever since forced attacks have diversified in MO, digital security has become a fulltime priority. Cyberwall implements monitoring, reporting and alerting solutions so that any malicious attempt is addressed on the spot, with no business loss or interruptions.

All vulnerabilities left untreated end up costing.

Investing in prevention spares you the cost of repairs.

Specialization and certification

Cyberwall's experience is attested by all major international cybersecurity authorities.

Test your network, hosts, and apps.

Curious what a pen test would reveal?

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